Private consultations

I use cowrie shells, a unique and ancient form of divination native to Ifa Orisha. Your reading will not end until all pertinent spiritual messages are conveyed; this can take to 2 hours. Spirit will initiate the conversation, but please prepare your own questions as well. I also offer divination-determined pricing for those experiencing financial hardship.



Sometimes a consultation reveals that additional spiritual support is needed, and that this can’t be done successfully on your own. Spiritual removal & atonement baths, spiritual house cleanings, a rebalancing of your highest consciousness, waistbeads, charms, and body work are just some examples of what may be needed, as prescribed by the orisha.

If that’s the case, no worries…I’ve got you covered.


ancestor consultations

What would your ancestors say to you if you gave them the chance?

The ancestor consultation, or misa, is a spiritual gathering between one person or family, and their ancestors. Where many mediums commonly offer acknowledgement from one or two spirit guides, this ritual invites all of your folks to a spiritual family reunion, giving Spirit the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with the living present family members. This can lead to a lot of fun, peace and healing for you and yours!


classes, lectures & workshops

I offer spiritually-based lectures & workshops to help audiences reconnect with our inner wisdom, embolden the spirit, rally the divine feminine, and experience the Divine in everyday life. I’d love to create something specific to your event.



Some people wear waistbeads as decor. Others, for weight loss. But I make and wear waistbeads as a holy act. With custom patterns, colors and semiprecious gemstones selected specifically for you via divination, then personally charged and blessed, you won’t want to buy another pretty string of beads off of Etsy again.

Ama, I wore the waistbeads that you made for me just one time. And on that one time, I became pregnant.
— client in Orlando

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