Private Readings


I work with individuals and groups as a trained diviner and spiritual consultant. I conduct all readings via video (FaceTime, FB Messenger, or Skype) from my home office. Spiritual rituals, if needed, are performed by me privately or in the client’s home.

Your private consultation is intimate and confidential. A few days prior to your reading, we will have a 15-min introductory phone call to help you prepare and settle any nerves. You will be instructed to prepare your questions ahead of time, and jot them down.

When your appointment begins, I’ll get a bit of information from you (i.e. birth name, DOB), and will then say an opening prayer in Yoruba. This prayer opens the way for effective communication with the Orisha, spirit guide and ancestors.

I liken the readings to running a spiritual physical. I translate messages from the shells, as well as what I hear and see to interpret the divine guidance, to bring clarity and make this new knowledge actionable. There is no issue that you can’t bring up in a reading.

You will have the opportunity throughout your reading to ask questions, but the Orisha will introduce the topics and details pertinent to you at this time. You very well may have all of your questions answered before the session is over.

PS — Take notes of your reading. it will be a LOT to try and remember. You are also welcome to make an audio recording.


client reviews

My consultation was amazing. I had the privilege of Ama reading for me before I left for a new job in a new city. Her reading gave me needed clarity and insight on the steps I needed to take. Thank you so much for your wisdom and inspiration!
VERY accurate!!! Would give 10-stars if I could. Everything was on point, clear and informative. Will highly recommend to friends and family!
My reading with Ama was life changing. It gave me the courage to finish my book, which will be released next year, and some of the things she said came true just three days later. She is the real deal and because of her I set out on my spiritual journey and will me graduating with a BA in Metaphysical Science (and becoming an ordained metaphysical minister) in the summer of 2017 then studying for my Masters in 2018. I’m so happy I had a reading with Ama! I recommend her 100%!
My reading with Ama was not only informative, accurate and reassuring — it was also a total joy. She is wise, thorough and professional but very approachable and lighthearted. I came away feeling like I’d received both guidance and a bonus gift from Spirit.
Ama is an amazing spirit with an amazing gift. My reading was as accurate as it was loving and supportive. She correctly predicted some health issues I wasn’t even aware of. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat and am looking forward to my next reading!
Ama provided a very supportive, loving reading. We were both pretty tired from long days, still I enjoyed her presence and had many laughs in the days after while remembering our time together. I highly recommend her readings regardless of whether your life is filled with questions or not. She is a gem and it’s a great investment.
The reading was very informative. Ama was open and welcoming and made it easy for me to ask questions. The length of the reading was perfect. I truly felt like my reading was a beautiful experience. It was amazing to watch Ama use her divination tools, to hear guidance or support from ancestors & Orisha, and to walk away knowing the steps that I needed to take.