It all started when...

Danielle "Ama" McKinley began to write her memoirs, and celebrating the process of personal development, when she received her first journal at the age of ten. She has been writing ever since, today expressing the spirit of self-actualization in her blog, You Are The Truth. Her articles and lectures on spirituality, sexuality, and life’s thrills have been featured by Medium and ForHarriet, and she is a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post. 

Academically, she is an alumnus of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and an inaugural Rachael Robinson International Fellow. As a fellow, she worked with global NGO, CARE International, writing human interest stories in the villages of Mozambique. She received her MBA in 2010 from Florida A&M University, but often felt misplaced among the sea of black suits in her yellow sundress. She is a former Communications lecturer for Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. 

In 2012, she became an initiated orisha priestess under Chief Iya’Nifa Oshun Monife Balewa. She is skilled in the ancient art of cowrie shell divination (merindinlogun), and delights in developing this skill. While dedicated to her path as a spiritual leader, she delights in and respects all divine paths

She has been a featured speaker and lecturer for local and national events for over twelve years, and in 2016, was a featured PechaKucha speaker in Atlanta & Orlando.

She resides in both Atlanta, GA & Orlando, FL.