Ancestor Consultations


Orisa bi egungun kosi.

My first orisha service started off not about the orisha at all…but about acknowledging the ancestors. 

Ancestor veneration is the foundation of MANY religions, including orisha worship. So much so that these song lyrics — “Orisa bi egungun kosi” translate to “There's no orisa like (or, before) ancestors.

With that in mind, an ancestor consultation, or Misa, is all about connecting you with your ancestors (egun) in a deep way.

For this reading, a collective of trained mediums will meet in your home for an evening of family-minded introductions, conversation and guidance. This may bring to mind the idea of a seance, but that word is mired with the sensationalism of old school 1800’s entertainment. 

Nah bruh…this is a family reunion! So much so that you are required to cook a family meal and take a seat…we mediums will do the rest to help you begin and/or strengthen the dopest spiritual relationship you could dream of. As one of my elders says “There ain’t no party like an Egun party, ‘cuz an Egun party don’t stop!”

You can have a misa for just yourself, or even invite your relatives by blood or marriage. Expect this event to last 2-3 hours.

If you are adopted, or don’t know any of your ancestors by name, then you will especially benefit from a Misa. You don’t need to know your ancestors in order for your ancestors to love and support you. 

Have a spiritual “hole” that you just can’t fill? Have there been a string of deaths, or general discord in the family? Lots of new babies coming at one time? All of these are also great reasons for a Misa.