Hey yall!

I descend from a long line of griots. What's that, you ask? -

  1. a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.

My mama named me Danielle at birth. In 2010, a random Akan priest from Ghana gave me the name Ama Adobea - a girl born on Saturday, who likes love and hard work. Very fitting, if you ask me.


I do things with words that words that would have made me notorious in Salem.


I write in such a way as to stitch together the common threads that bind humanity in the best ways. Web and social and long- and short- form copy. Corporate communiations. Human impact stories & personal memoirs. I handle words...pure and simple.

From grade school to B-school (I earned my MBA from Florida A&M University), I always got in trouble in school for talking too much. But then, I learned that the written word was powerful, and speaking was a profession...and that I was good at it! I've been speaking to large audiences since 2004. 

By and by, life introduced me to the magic of the African continent. I became an initiated priestess into the spiritual faith of Ifa (aka Candomble/Lucumi/Santeria) in 2012. Light & Love are my ministries.

In short, words and numbers and shells are my tools. Communication does it for me, in every way. And with these means, I am in love with the opportunity to uplift the lives of others every day of my life.

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Andrew is my partner, and my best friend. Together, we run the world.

I wrote a story about my experience in an interracial relationship, and the heavy racial backlash in today's American South. People really liked that story...like, 50,000 people!

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